The Real French Diet

It is that time of the year. After 2 weeks of food decadence , your clothes seem to have shrunk. Maybe used hot water instead of warm was used for the laundry but most probably your body as expended. Time for “le regime”, la diete. There are lots of legends about French women. I read that they could eat anything in moderation. It is BS. French women diet all the time. Some of them in a healthy way, others yes but just eating a little bit of high calorie food so it does not amount to too many calories.Typically one stops eating starches, sugars and fat. No potatoes, cheeses, bread, butter, desserts…Then we focus on staples that are filling and low in calories which are:

Vegetables (steamed)
low fat/low calorie yogurts
Vegetable soups (potages)
Tuna (no mayo)
Grilled Fish
Grilled chicken


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