The 12 Things I can’t leave without

My boyfriend and a challenging job set aside what makes my French in America life tick? The 10 things I would need on a desert island. Of course this is superficial and I could live without them…

1- Coffee Nespresso after lunch and Swedish ground coffee in the morning. I know my limits and within them, coffee has always been a friend!!!

2- Anything Chestnut (you know about it)

3- Chocolate. Besides being yummy they say it releases some powerful chemicals against stress…

4- Tomatoes

5- Internet searches (pods,blackberry, computer…) I feel connected and smarter.

6- My cat Padme. I got her a baby friend too but Padme is my current big cat love.

7- Aliens. Not that I have met any but the thought of them existing somewhere is exciting.

8- Movies

9- Hot Baths

10- Victoria’s secret night tee shirts

11- Reading magazines. I am in the biz but it is also a favorite leasure.

12- Splenda. I have a sweet tooth and Splenda is just amazing.

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Meet Violette

Violette was born over 40 years ago in merry Paris, France. She lived there until she was 21 and then moved to New York. The anecdote is that both her French parents met in New York . Her mother was  a model and her father who gratuated from Harvard was working for Sony music. They both decided to move back to France to start a family but somehow Violette’s DNA got inprinted by the Big Apple. Violette lives in New York with an American boyfriend and 2 American lady cats (her girls). She is the editor of 2 American publications.

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The French are coming!

Well they are already invading New York. Stroll in Central Park or on Broadway and you will hear the sweet sounds of La Langue Francaise. I am the French magazine editor of an American publication and somewhere along the way I have learn how to think like the locals. I want to find back my French soul and see if it can merge with what I have become, a New Yorker . A bientot sur nos ondes internet.


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