Roasted Capon Miam! Miam!

American chickens taste weird. I rephrase. They taste different than French chickens. It is hard to describe and you have to taste it for yourself. The French meat is not as thick and the flavors more intense. I could not make it to Paris for the Holidays so I had to eat something that reminded me of my Christmas as a child. I will buy a slice of fois gras for New Year’s . My favorite Christmas entree is Capon. I was really happily surprised to find one at Citarella. A capon is a castrated rooster and the one I found was about 10 lbs.

It tasted amazingly exactly like a French chicken or capon. Here is my recipe if you find one. Capon is “Chapon” in French BTW and filling is “Farce”. Roast it for 15 mn per pound at 400 degrees. Cover it with Aluminum when the top has browned to avoid burning. Rub it with a Viva/Browny towel dipped in warm butter before you put it in the preheated oven. Every 30 minutes, make sure to pour some juices all over the beast with a spoon and add 1 cup or 2 of chicken broth.

As for the stuffing. Farce a chaponSear one onion and add half a pound of sausage . Once it is brown, add 3 cups of ready to make bread stuffing (the one for Citarella with herbs and pine nuts was great) with a cup of chicken broth. Once it has the right consistency of stuffing it is ready.

When it comes to sides, I made some celery and potato puree but any sides that work with turkey can do. Also pour all the juices you find at the bottom of your cooking tray in a bowl and serve this as gravy.

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